Cramps, ridiculously painful things that strike most of us at some time or other. This article gives the most commonly held views on what causes cramps , what to do if you get one & how to avoid them.


Grading Examiners’ meeting

A report on the JKA-England Examiners meeting


Ayako Passes  Shodan!

Congratulations to Ayako on passing her black belt on her first attempt!  Press release


Regional Karate Course 

Sensei Martyn has written a review of the Central Region Karate course he helped organise. The report has been published the JKA-England website along with a video, and we also show it here


International visitor comes to Oxford

Oxford City SKC had the pleasure of welcoming Ella Roose from Tasseikan De Pinte  Karate Club in  Belgium. She was in Oxford for a couple of weeks on a language course, and kept up with her training by visiting us.  Read her report on the Tasseikan site )(you may need to translate!) 




In May, Sensei Martyn was invited to referee at the Junior European Championships in Serbia. See his report on the event here

Chief instructor of Oxford karate teaching at Ataru SKC
Students from Oxford City Karate having passed their grading