Junior Beginners’ Courses

Our next 4 WEEK KARATE COURSE for beginners (6 yrs & above) starts Wednesday 6th October  (4:00pm - 4:50pm).

‍ 10th Oxford Scout Hall 

238 Marston Rd,

The specially designed course builds over the four weeks to give your child a great introduction to karate. It will give the student a solid foundation from which to start their karate training long into the future. 

The fee for this course is £35 and includes a FREE KARATE UNIFORM!*

*subject to availability


There will be the opportunity to continue training with the club on completion of this 4 week introductory course.


Please note that capacity is strictly limited so BOOK EARLY to avoid missing out.

Benefits of karate for children


Karate can be challenging. A child’s confidence soars when they when they reach a new level. It gives them a sense of accomplishment that is vital for their self-esteem.


Karate demands high levels of mutual respect. From the minute a child walks into a dojo (hall), they must follow strict social etiquette which is constantly reenforced.


Listening and concentration skills are put to the test when it comes to learning karate. Skills that transfer to the classroom.

Goal-Setting and Self-Improvement

Focusing on achieving a new grade or belt is a great way to learn about goal-setting and motivation.

Balance + Posture

A lot of time is spent working on their balance and posture to create effective techniques. Achieving good balance at an early age will give a child a healthy posture later in life.


Seeing a challenge through to its conclusion requires concentration, an understanding of their weaknesses and what motivates them to accomplish a set target. Finally, they’ll learn to follow a set of rules, which can only benefit them in the classroom.


The repetition in karate will teach a child how to move, and where they should position themselves. With greater coordination comes greater confidence in your physical ability.

General health

Speed, stamina, core strength and flexibility are all developed through karate.