Belt order varies depending on style of martial art, ours goes white, orange, red,yellow, green,purple, purple&white, brown, brown & white, 

brown & 2 white, then Black.

To help in the progress towards black belt, there are a series of tests known as “gradings”. Success in these gradings is marked by a change in the colour of the belt which goes from white, through the colours, to Black. (Different Martial arts have different colouring methods.) The coloured belt system helps identify students of a similar standard and gives a sense of achievement to the student. 

Coloured belts are known as “Kyu” grades which starts at 10th Kyu - white belt and works up to Brown & White - 1st Kyu. A Black Belt is a “Dan” grade, and subsequent grades the Dan number gets higher (and much harder!).

Ideally, a student should attend about 24 lessons between each grading. This works out at about one grading every three months. BUT : there is no rush. If you are not ready for a grading, we will not put you in for one.  You will need permission from the club before taking a grade. 

Coloured belt gradings can be done at a local level,  Black belt gradings are held at the National, or International courses.  Students going for black belt are expected to attend a national course before attempting to grade.