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Congratulations, Ayako! 

Twelve-Year-Old Passes Black Belt on Her First Attempt

Twelve-year-old Ayako Frellesvig, a student of Oxford City Shotokan Karate Club, has passed her First Dan Black Belt grading on her first attempt.  The grading, was overseen by a panel of senior Japanese Instructors, Ogura (7th Dan), Hashiguchi (7th Dan) Chubachi (4th Dan & current World Champion) & Ohta (7th Dan). The grading took place as part of a biannual international karate course held at K2 Centre in Crawley on Sunday, 30 September 2017.

Karate is an important part of Ayako’s life. She started training when she was seven. She has been fortunate enough to be able to train with the best in the world both at courses here in the UK and classes at the JKA (Japan Karate Association) headquarters in Tokyo. She is now in Upper 3rd at Headington School where the staff and students have been very supportive. 

Martyn King, Chief Instructor at Oxford City Shotokan Karate Club, expressed his pride at the young student’s achievement. He said: “Ayako performed to a very high standard at her grading. She is very dedicated to her Karate and always shows up to training with a great attitude! I'm looking forward to great things from her in the future.”

He added that he considers karate one of the best physical activities for children to participate in: “We offer classes for children from six years old. Not only does it improve their fitness, but it also helps them to build character traits that will continue to benefit them throughout their lives—it boosts their confidence and teaches respect and self-discipline as well as giving them goal setting abilities that will be useful to them in every area of their lives. What’s more, its fun!”

For those interested in discovering the benefits of karate for themselves, Oxford City SKC offers the first week FREE for new members. For more details, visit or call 07836 646450.


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